Rest stop

People who know me often accuse me of riding to far and for to long a time. There may in fact be some truth to that. It’s easy for me to get on my bike and just take off and ride 3 or 400 miles, stopping only for fuel and never giving a thought to it. I get home later than I might have planned and Diane wonders where I’ve been. When I get home, I have to admit that I am more tired than I realized.

Sometimes life also can be lived just that way. We go and go and go. We may miss a meal or run a bit short on sleep, or pass on our prayer and meditation time with Jesus… and yet we keep going. At some point, we realize we are tired emotionally, physically and spiritually.

Isaiah 40:31 tells us, “But those who wait on the Lord shall renew their strength…”rest stop

I’ve learned that waiting time is required because I am worn down and need to renew some part of my person. Waiting time is also required when some obstacle is in my path or something bigger than me needs to be accomplished. There are times I have to wait…and let God bring it to pass. This can be a hard waiting time, as I lean more towards doing.

We might even do with the thought that “we just have to, and God is with us because we are His” and so we push on in our strength. Just the same, His Word says, when we wait we gain strength. “Waiting then becomes an “action”. Actually it is an action of obedience that lifts God higher and shows our dependence on Him.
Perhaps it’s time to get off the highway you’ve been riding and rest.

Ride on.