Dates and activites in Michigan

This year the Michigan chapter has been limited from participation in larger group events and club visits due to COVID19 virus of 2020.

However the founding vision of this motorcycle ministry is built upon smaller groups, tightly committed to the mission of Jesus Christ. Therefore our size is becoming more and more our strength, even as Jesus sent people out two by two. The motorcycle remains a tremendous “seed sowing tool” as it takes us away from tradition and distraction, to the highways, byways, secondary roads, neighborhoods, campsites and gatherings across the USA. Building relationships, speaking of the Kingdom of God, and sowing seeds that allow others to come to Jesus Christ as Savior and Lord. Among all things and people, and through the challenges of life… Christ alone brings completeness into one’s life. He gives purpose to who we are as individuals.

I have been doing a lot of tour / camping this year in northern Michigan and to the south east, Ohio, Virginia, West Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, riding the Smokey Mountains… it’s been great. I’ll be doing a Wild West ride out for most of August, all in the adventure of the Christ Life and meeting people.