Born in the USA

The steps that brought Lion of Judah ministry from Germany were nothing short of supernatural God moments. He uses ordinary people to accomplish extraordinary things. However he looks for ordinary people who are faithful, available, and teachable. People who are always seeing what they would do if things were different are rarely chosen. The inspirational voice of God usually starts soft and gentle. Hearing and then beginning to take small, daring steps often leads to great things in the Kingdom of God. Eddie Coll was such a man who sensed God speaking to his heart, then “stumbled” onto Lion of Judah on a “random” internet search. He connected with Bernd and Sabine Hagel, the founders of Lion of Judah ministries. After many emails, much skyping and many prayers, one thing led to another. A trip to Germany, exposure to something great that God was doing…and soon Lion of Judah was birthed in New Hampshire.
As the New Hampshire Lions began to grow in number and new leadership was established, Eddie moved on to his next big challenge. We remain thankful for his groundbreaking work and pray all the best for him.