You have ridden into the Michigan Chapter section, of this Lion of Judah International Ministry website. I am so glad to have you as a guest and hope to meet you on the road. Please explore the site and if you have questions send a message and I will respond as soon as I am able. We are growing as a Lion family and there are opportunities for men as full patch members in the motorcycle ministry, and for women as supporting patch members in the Lion of Judah family. We have no claim and have no desire for claim of any geographic area, except Heaven. As God’s Holy Spirit stirs hearts, Lion of Judah is forming Gideon’s Army points of strength and witness around the country.maverick

As President, Lion of Judah USA, I look forward to serving you as I am able. We welcome all brands of motorcycle. As has been said, “it’s not important what you ride, but that you ride”. However, supremely and of most importance, is that you know Jesus Christ, Yeshua, as your Lord and Savior. If you have questions about knowing  Jesus Christ, Yeshua, it will be my pleasure to assist you in that relationship.

Many miles and many smiles to you.
Ride on.