The core value

Lion of Judah is a heart felt family and true brotherhood where iron sharpens iron, where you give and receive help in times of difficulty. Where you establish real friends as true brothers and sisters in Christ. This bond develops from exposure to the Lion group and as a result of a stirring in one’s heart by Holy Spirit himself.

Ultimately a covenant relationship is formed and we can gently use the 3 strand cord that can not be broken example, God-the individual-the Lion family. In this example it is not like a fitness club where you pay some money, sign a contract…stay as it satisfies you…and then leave it behind. It is about commitment, growing close to Jesus Christ the Lion of Judah himself, and the Lion family as part of your spiritual family (clearly understand we do not compete with one’s church but support the person’s commitment to their church and their church itself).
It does not matter that we live hundreds or even thousands of miles apart because HE the Living God, and his Holy Spirit is omnipresent and we are connected by Holy Spirit.

So at the core, we are a family of surrendered and committed followers of Jesus Christ, who ride motorcycles and we share the Life of Jesus with all who will hear, and serve all who will be served. Jesus Christ is our example and heaven is our home. May His Kingdom come and His will be done.

Faithfulness * Honor * Respect * Love

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