Life of Mexx

From Death to Life

Life begins

I have grown up in a traditional family, grandpa, granny, father, mother and brother under one roof. When I was five years old, my Grandfather died as a result of his war captivity. From now on my granny and my mother were dominant in Family business, because my father worked triple Shifts, so he was not able to spend a lot of time with us.

Let the party begin

In 1970 I started to smoke pot, drink alcohol and medical Drugs.
Nevertheless I was able to finish School and start an apprenticeship. But actually I was only out for Party, booze, fun and adventure, because I was sick of all what happened around me.
I started to take psychedelic Drugs like Psilocybin, LSD and Mescaline.
1975 I took for the first time cocaine and a year later heroin.  To finance my addiction start to deal and smuggle Drugs. For the next 10 Years I was flying around the World like Asia, South America and Scandinavia. As cover up I started a Reptile import and Export Company.


The people I hung out with were the down and out once. Rocker, Dealers and pimps were in and out my place.  On the Outside I had all, what people desired, but my inside was cruel and empty.
Physically detoxed but even more graving than ever before
In 1986 I was convicted to 2 1/2 years of jail, although I never was convicted previously. In the middle of the time in Jail I tried to go thru a drug withdrawal program. I was mentally so closed up and did not let anybody come close to me that I stopped the Therapy and let them log me up again.
When I came out in 1989 I and was physically detoxified, but more addicted than ever. Everything in me shouted around in fury. To compensate the grief and for the loss of these years, I started to take Heroin and Cocaine again. All my Money was gone only huge debts were left. So I slided deeper and deeper into crimes; stealing and burglaries were my day to day business.
In 1991 I tried again another Drug Rehab. Two marriages had already failed to this date, because my Partners were cheating on me or I on them.

From the death …

On another Drug Rehab I fell in love a 21-year-old girl. We wanted to start over again.
After three months we dropped out of the Rehab together because were so interdependent.. Nevertheless we were able to stay of drugs, besides Alcohol, for a half Year. But in 1993 be both started taking Heroin again, a year later, in 1994, she died im my arms with an overdose.
I was shocked and so helpless, that I cried out the first time from the deepest inner soul to God. During the following months if I have undertaken three suicide attempts.  Shortly after that I was able to join into a Methadone program.
I have had started three long time therapies, twelve stationary decontaminations and about 30 to 40 Cold Turkey Try’s.  I was diagnosed with Hepatitis A, B and C and as well as a fist-size large tumor in the intestine.

To the life.

In 1995 I went for the first time in my life to a Church Service: Absolutely broken, despaired, with no hope and no Money. Again I was in a Methadone Program, operated from a Junky Organization in Cologne, Germany. There was a Park nearby were my ne Girlfriends Manu and I hung out after the Methadone Dose. A couple with a Guitar joined us and talked about Jesus. In their Church the offered a good warm meal for only just 1 Mark. We went firmly because of the food. But there was also good Worship Music, with Guitars, Drums and Saxophone that caught our attention. After 3 to 4 month Manu and I gave our lives to Jesus at the same day but on different occasions.  I was so destroyed internally, that I thought: If this Jesus really the Redeemer and Savior for us is, than I will give him a try. We got save thru a friend who was in a wheelchair. A couple months later we got baptized.

and further

1998 I took my last heroin shot and half a year later, exactly on October 3rd I stopped smoking my last Cigarette. I normally smoke approx. 50 Cigarettes a day. I had ask Jesus that night that he will take out the fuse the keeps me smoking, when I awoke the next day I was a Non Smoker ever since. Manu and I got married in 1999 we have two healthy Kids. During the Time of Bible Collage I was working Nightshifts in a Drug Rehab. 27 Years of Drug abuse, and now I helped other to get out. In 2001 I started to work as a social Worker in a Community for young adults in the Area of intensive Care and socializing Projects. After that we were Heads of a Christian Youth Center in Cologne -Ehrenfeld.


The Bible Scripture “If the son sets you free, you are free indeed” became the baseline for my life. I discover this biblical truth on my one life and body. I’m thankful towards God for his gift of new undeserved life in him. The Blood of Jesus cleanses us from every sin! I was unable to trust anybody in my life, now I have realized I can put my trust in Christ, he we never forsake nor leave me. Hallelujah!!!