We strongly believe that God is still talking to his Children. It may could be some Words of Wisdom, empowerment or comfort.

All prophetic words will be proofed against the Word of God (Bible), which is the ultimate Guideline for us.

a Word for Motorcycle Ministries received on the 21 of January 2013

I will form a gideon army out of Motorcycle Ministry.
No numbers but quality instead of quantity.
Listen carefully, my brother, my strength is made perfect in you through your weakness.
When you think you are strong, I am weak in you and you cannot accomplish anything for my glory.
Bow down in prayer and seek my face concerning your personal lifestyle and surrender daily.
Start the day right, with a Halleluja on your lips and a humble spirit.
I will show you, I will teach you, I will lead you and protect you.
Don`t be afraid !!!
for I am with you
when you do it my way… says the Lord.

according to scripture:

Judges 6 and 7

Ephesians 3, 14-20

read GOD`s word – the bible – and find HIM… the living answer for all your problems… he will never change… but HE wants you to change… he waits on you with open arms… he will never reject you… he will surprise you and will grant you the deepest desires of your heart…

Sabine Hagel