New Hampshire

New Hampshire is one of the most beautiful destinations on the Northern East Coast. It’s a small state shaped by small towns and expansive wilderness areas. At it’s center is the Lake Region which includes the island-filled Lake Winnipesaukee. All this and the beauty of the White Mountain National Forest is tied together with winding roads and ever changing elevations that can only be describe by motorcycle enthusiasts as…a dream land.
New Hampshire has a history of firsts. Notably the first to establish a government independent of Great Britain. Of more interest to riders of 2-wheeled machines is Laconia Motorcycle Week, birthed in1916 and held as a yearly event in June. New Hampshire is also the “Live Free or Die” state, a motto that resonates deep within people of varied interests and backgrounds but New Hampshire owns it.

Perhaps the most amazing first that New Hampshire lays claim to, is that the first Lion of Judah motorcycle ministry chapter, was established here, having come all the way from Germany. prayer
We are proud of this. Being first is never easy but it caused us to become a strong brotherhood, a Lion Family that can not be separated. We claim no geographical area, only heaven. Our desire is to be a living witness of Jesus Christ, Yeshua as we ride and as we serve people around us. If you have questions about living and riding New Hampshire for Jesus Christ, Yeshua, we’d love to try and answer them.

Become as strong as a Lion. Know Jesus as your Lord.
Ride New Hampshire in a brotherhood like no other.