The elephant in the room

The elephant in the room is three topics everyone wants to know our position on, but is afraid to ask about.
1. Smoking tobacco
2. Drinking alcoholic beverages
3. Foul conversation

These topics can easily divide people, however this need not be the case. Some groups prefer absolute abstinence and others have a position of moderation. Though God’s Word is clear on these topics, we will not cite scripture references and use God’s Word to argue a case in this article. Instead we will simply appeal to the known higher values and common sense.

First, smoking tobacco.
Most of the known, educated world has come to accept that this habit clearly causes cancer and nobody wants that. Those that are addicted to smoking don’t realize how difficult it is to be around, or simply don’t care what others think, or have not yet been able to get free of it (these are not meant as mean, careless remarks). Some people say they “enjoy an occasional” cigar.
That being said, we do not support the habit and neither do we reject the person from Lion of Judah. We will pray and give support to the smoker who may desire to quit, however that is between them and God.

Second, drinking alcoholic beverages
The scripture does not call for abstinence for abstinence sake. It does give warnings as to the personal trouble that can come to one’s life who drinks to much. It does speak against the poor behavior of drunkeness. It also warns against influencing a weaker brother toward something he is not able to control which leads to his demise.
We do not have an absolute abstinence policy. However a known drinking problem may prevent initial membership into the Lion family. A surfacing drinking problem will be addressed in sincere love with desire to strengthen. An ignored drinking problem may require action including removal of colors for a time.
– Everyone who drinks knows what to be drunk, and of poor behavior is.
– Most people who drink know people who should never drink, and therefor a responsible person would not drink around those people.
– If every conversation leads to something about drinking or if in most of your Facebook pictures you have a drink in your hand…you may want to pray about that influence.
– If you are in a Pub, a Bar or simply a restaurant having a drink with your meal and wearing your colors Please be extra aware of yourself.

Thirdly, swearing or simply being foul in conversation.
Here too the scripture speaks of the maturing believer being mature in conversation. Don’t be lazy and have 5 descriptive words. Raise the bar, live a higher standard. Leave the off-color conversation behind. It really is boring and tiring to listen to. There are far more interesting things within your person that will draw people to you, and lift people up.