Requirements, rules and guidelines for membership and full color

  • Have a personal salvation relationship with Jesus Christ and be able to communicate that relationship to others. Have been baptized in water and seeking all that Holy Spirit has for you.
  • Read and understand the vision of Lion of Judah ministry as well as the motorcycle ministry within the broader vision.
  • Fill out the covenant partnership application committing to grow in relationship with God and as part of this Lion family worldwide.
  • Have a clear sense that God has stirred your heart to commit to this ministry with a growing passion to reach bikers and those in the biker scene.
  • You must own, maintain in safe working order, and ride a motorcycle of at least 600cc.
  • If you are member of another motorcycle club or ministry you should first leave in good standing and peace as much as within you and return those colors to that group.
  • You must become known among the Lion men resulting in an agreement that you should become a developing member. At which time you will receive the top and bottom rocker, the mm patch, the front patch and name tag.
  • After some period of time, such that you and your fellow Lions are sure that the Lord has stirred your heart and that you are committed to this ministry…you will receive the center back piece, at a time of prayer and celebration.
  • Recognize, love and respect the Lion of Judah colors and vest as priestly garment that represents Jesus Christ as you wear it. Agree that no other pins or patches will ever be applied to this vest.
  • Accept that we are not in competition with any other group, ministry or organization.
  • You must be willing to learn the secular biker scene rules and show respect.
  • Our focus is to see people come to know Christ and grow in that relationship. Our motorcycles becomes tools or bridges that help build relationships.
  • Only men can receive the full 3 patch color. This is out of respect for the biker scene at large.
  • A woman who rides may become a family member of Lion of Judah (covenant partner) and receive a one part back patch, front patch and Lady Lion tag.
  • A person who does not feel called to the motorcycle ministry, but does want to proclaim Jesus as Lord while riding their motorcycle, may also join the Lion family and wear this one part patch.
  • If a member breaks covenant and desires to leave the Lion family they must return all patches and receive no refund money.
  • The Lion of Judah colors and all associated graphics are under copyright and can not be reproduced for merchandising or otherwise without specific written permission.
  • Fees: Each person pays the cost of the Colors, $150.
    There is also a one time membership / covenant fee of $150 paid to Germany International which is collected by Lion of Judah USA .
    Any individual chapter dues or ministry action funds, are determined and collected by each chapter individually as needed.